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Gravity Trainer EVO1

Gravity Trainer Evo I is one of the best full body workout tool known. It belongs to the group of suspended functional harnesses. As an extension of the body weight exercises we can make every exercise easier or more challenging with this tool according to our strength level.
Our bodies respond better to integrated exercises rather than isolated movements, with this equipment you can do just that.
Gravity Trainer Evo I is a strong, functional training equipment from a European manufacturer.

35 000 Ft 25 000 Ft

Gravity Trainer EVO2

Gravity Trainer Evo II Functional training device is an enhanced version of the Gravity Trainer Evo I. It does everything that the Gravity Trainer Evo I.
Gravity Trainer Evo II has detachable grip and a removable loop is also included in the package. The detachable grip, and the loop can be used successfully during physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

40 000 Ft 30 000 Ft